croc eyes

Magic in the African Microcosm

By Maf Sheldon Botswana’s Kalahari, an illustrious savanneural vista, setting for the world’s largest land mammals, and its most charismatic predators. The sun sinks past the edge of the firmament, twilight from magnolia white to magenta. The land populated by a dazzle of stripes, spots, claws, fangs and tusks. The sonority of ancient survival squawks…

The Big Five

How to Survive the Big Five

Safari Guide – How to Survive An Attack Traditionally, the term ‘Big Five’ is rooted in colonial times and described Africa’s five fiercest animals to hunt, namely the Cape Buffalo, African Elephant, Rhinoceros, Lion and Leopard. Today, travelers are more likely to encounter these enigmatic creatures on a photographic safari under the safe supervision of…

Aerial view of the Okavango Delta

Concessions from the Okavango Delta

Concessions from the Okavango Delta Concessions from the Okavango Delta Understanding the Concessions in the Okavango Delta The Okavango river blooms into Botswana each year fanning out into the iconic Delta system. Each year the system dries, and each year it fills, with new channels opening, new islands forming, and new areas receiving water to…

Wild Dogs in the Okavango

Dognapping Reported at Splash Camp

At Splash camp an extraordinary Wild Dog occurrence took place in June. A pack of Wild Dogs appears to have dognapped pups from a smaller pack and incorporated the pups into their pack. The camp is following the situation closely and takes dog-napping very seriously. Wildlife experts have been called to assess the situation.