Ethical Travel and our Dedication to African Development

Ethical tours are relate to sustainable and responsible tourism. Ethical tours, or ethical tourism simply put, refers to a style of tourism where the impact of visiting tourists benefits the people and the environment in the destinations that those tourists visit. We could also call it positive impact tourism. Think about it like leaving a place in a better condition than you found it.

Now tourism is a major source of income generation for any destination, but particularly for African nations, where it provides an imperative source of revenue needed to propel developmental growth, infrastructure, and institution building.

In Botswana tourism accounts for over 12% of the GDP. That’s a lot. The truth however, is that the revenue generated by tourism for Botswana should be more than double this figure. If every dollar paid by each tourist visiting Botswana stayed in the country, and if all tour companies paid their taxes, the income generated would increase the share of tourism to over 25% of the GDP. This income generation would benefit both small business and the public sector tenfold and would give the well-run country a massive advantage in its fight against poverty, HIV Aids, poaching, and its fight for environmental protection.

We want to ensure that money spent on Botswana tourism, is sent towards the country, and not taken away from it.

The African Wild is a 100% Botswana owned and registered company. We only work with ethical lodges and operators. We not only ensure that every dollar spent on any of our tours and safaris stays within the country, we also actively engage with the government of the country on promoting lasting developmental practices. We work with and sponsor a number of different communities based in different areas of the country and promote and provide both local and community development initiatives. We are engaged in a number of sustainable and environmental initiatives set up to protect wildlife within Botswana and neighboring countries. We also actively encourage all lodges in Botswana to directly benefit and beneficiate locals.

We appeal to all tourists to ensure that their tour is ethical and that their hard earned dollars stay in the destination country they visit. This can be as simple as asking for a tax certificate or requesting that their payments and bank transfers are made directly into Botswana bank accounts.

With your help we can make a difference, and by selecting an ethical tours and travel company, you can ensure that you leave a positive footprint on the country and that your trip to Africa translates into a step forward for development.

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