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Protect the African Wild

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Protecting Elephants in Botswana News of poaching in Botswana has caught the world’s attention. Whether figures have been blown out of proportion as reported, or not, we all need to come together and support elephants in Botswana to ensure their future safety and survival. As a sustainable and ethical travel company, The African Wild [...]

Price Guarantee

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Price Guarantee Being a 100% Botswana owned and operated company, and being based within the county, allows us to offer clients the best possible prices for all tours, safaris, and lodges. While we strive to offer the best prices for each of our services, we also only work with registered lodges and operators who [...]

Ethical Tours

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Ethical Travel and our Dedication to African Development Related to sustainable and responsible tourism, Ethical tourism simply put, refers to a style of tourism where the impact of visiting tourists benefits the people and the environment in the destinations that those tourists visit. We could also call it positive impact tourism. Think about it [...]