Where to Walk Wild in Botswana

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Botswana has perfect pockets of wilderness that make for wonderful walking. Venture closer than the confines any car could allow and enjoy encounters with the smaller, more intimate details of the bush. Tread on Chiefs Island in the Okavango Delta Amos Disho, a guide at Moremi Crossing in the Okavango Delta, walks silently across [...]

5 amazing adventure safaris you can only do in Botswana

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These days, safari-goers are not just looking for lions and leopards (although we have to admit, those never get old!). Botswana is famously home to epic wilderness that will always appeal to nature-lovers, but you can also enjoy a thrilling journey that offers both animals and adventures. The African Wild has a special line [...]

Top 5 ways to kill some time in Kasane

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What began as a quiet village and a remote outpost in northern Botswana has transformed into a busy tourist hub. Kasane is the springboard for exploring Botswana’s oldest national park, Chobe National Park, and strategically positioned at a major tourist route intersection where four African countries meet - namely Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia. [...]

Sankuyo, the Keepers of Paradise

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For over a hundred years, the Sankuyo community has lived along a serene stretch of riverbank on the eastern edge of the Okavango Delta. Guardians of the land, the people of Sankuyo are keepers of paradise. A paradise that welcomes guests from all over the world. Sankuyo Village The history of Sankuyo [...]

Mma Dinare: The Okavango Delta’s Newest Camp

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What it’s like to stay at Mma Dinare Camp in the Okavango Delta Mma Dinare means ‘Mother Buffalo’ and is the newest camp to come into the Under One Botswana Sky portfolio, which also includes the iconic Okavango Delta destinations of Moremi Crossing, Pom Pom Camp, Gunn’s Camp, as well as Chobe Bush Lodge, [...]

The best places to see African wild dogs in the wild

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Have you ever heard the surprising sound that African wild dogs make? It’s bewildering. Their collective calls are more bird-like in nature and sound like the twittering chirps of canaries, rather than the expected howling sounds of wolves or the gruff bark of a dog. The sweet sound of their chattering is misleading, though. [...]

Botswana’s best birding safaris and when to go

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Almost 600 species of birds can be found across Botswana. The perfect time to enjoy a Birdwatching Safari in this iconic destination? Right now. Botswana’s best birdwatching season We're heading into Botswana’s most beautiful birding season. Water levels have risen in the Okavango Delta, colourful migrants are swooping in for summer and then there [...]

The Fundamentals of Safari Yoga

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The underlying essence of a Yoga Safari, or so we believe, is to marry yoga practice and the fundamentals of a safari into the same experience. The constructs of breath and beauty of presence lend themselves to both yoga and to the safari experience. Bringing the two together, and practicing yoga in the midst [...]