Making Sense of Elephant Poaching News in Botswana

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Making Sense of Elephant Poaching in Botswana Last week’s shocking news of a mass elephant poaching discovery in Botswana has taken the world by storm. Initial reports suggested that 87 elephant carcasses were found, stripped of ivory, and that this spike in poaching coincides with a new government policy to disarm Botswana’s anti-poaching unit. [...]

Top 5 ways to kill some time in Maun

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Visitors to the Okavango Delta are often forced to spend an afternoon in Maun waiting for a light aircraft charter transfer to one of the camps or their flights out of Botswana. Light aircraft are more susceptible to changes in the weather, and occasionally holiday makers have no choice but to spend a morning [...]

Botswana’s Hidden Lodging Gems

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Botswana is home to a wide assortment of luxury accommodation and lodging. It is well known for premium style safaris and a holistic upmarket experience. Tourists from all over the world frequently visit the popular lodges on the Okavango Delta or near Chobe National Park to experience a Botswana safari. These experiences include many of [...]

4 Reasons to Add a Botswana Vacation to Your Bucket List

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Botswana occupies a special place in Africa. A hidden gem forgotten by the world and left to develop in its own time. Much like Wakanda, this peaceful nation drew upon its vast reserves of precious stones and a treasure trove of natural landscapes and wildlife to consolidate itself as a thriving democracy Africa. Every [...]