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Camp Okavango

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Camp Okavango Camp Okavango is located in the heart of the Okavango Delta, and is a pristine camp with amazing amenities. The perfect place for Photographic and adventure safaris. Map Gallery Need help planning your trip? [...]

Zarafa Camp

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Zarafa Camp One of the most luxurious camps in Botswana, Zarafa does not disappoint. This incredible camp was made to serve royalty. The wildlife is extraordinary, and the surrounding landscape is astounding. Map Gallery Need help planning your trip? [...]

Selinda Camp

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Selinda Camp Located on the Selinda spillway, the new Selinda Camp offers its guests extraordinary luxury in one of the world’s most idyllic locations. Unbelievable experience, unbelievable safari Map Gallery Need help planning your trip? [...]

Duma Tau

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Duma Tau Located in the Kwando region to the north west of the Okavango Delta, Duma Tau camp is nestled along the banks of the Osprey Lagoon, close to the Savute Channel. The camp consists of ten en-suite tented rooms (eight twin, and two family). The tents are comfortably decorated in an olden day [...]

Kings Pool

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Kings Pool A luxurious tented camp located on the shores of Kings Pool Lagoon in the Linyanti River system. Kings Pool is a fresh and stylish camp, and is family friendly. The nine luxurious tents, including a large family tent, include canvas and thatch, and all are exquisitely built into the surrounding fauna.  Each [...]

Little Kwara

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Little Kwara Little Kwara is a small and luxurious boutique camp located within the respelndant Kwara concession to the north of the Moremi Game Reserve. The lodge sits in the midst of some fairly uncharted Okavango. Located close to the larger Kwara Camp, Little Kwara offers a more initiate Delta experience. Perfect for honeymooners [...]


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Kwara Kwara is the perfect camp for new comers to the Delta. It is secluded, ammased with prime wildlife, and offers some old-world safari luxuries that many other lodges in the Okavango have missed. The camp sits on the banks of a secluded lagoon in the middle of the Kwara concession, a resplendent area [...]