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Mma Dinare

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Mma Dinare Camp Mma Dinare means ‘Mother Buffalo’ and is the newest camp to come into the Under One Botswana Sky portfolio, which also includes the iconic Okavango Delta destinations of Moremi Crossing, Pom Pom Camp, Gunn’s Camp, as well as Chobe Bush Lodge, Chobe Safari Lodge, Nata Lodge and Mma Dinare’s brother camp, [...]


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Splash Camp Splash Camp is situated in the heart of the Okavango Delta, within the Private Kwara Reserve. This brand new camp offers a very relaxed, friendly and authentic atmosphere. The area has long been known as Splash due to the huge water crossings that had to be negotiated to access the camp area. [...]

Rra Dinare

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Rra Dinare Rra Dinare means Father Buffalo. When this camp was being built, the vast number of Buffalo that would approach the camp, and sometimes even sleep under the bridges and structures. This is a luxurious camp with a lot of style. Located in the middle of one of the most pristine concessions, the [...]

Pom Pom Camp

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Pom Pom Camp Pom Pom camp is one of the best known and most idyllic camps in the Okavango. This camp has been setting precedents in Botswana for over 20 years. It is acclaimed for a very good reason. The lodge is luxurious, and the service is impeccable. The camp is situated on Pom [...]

Moremi Crossing

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Moremi Crossing A relatively new camp, Moremi Crossing is located close to Gunn’s Camp on the periphery of the Moremi Game Reserve. The camp consists of 16 en-suite raised tents with their own viewing platforms. The camp also has a family and honeymoon tent option. The main areas include a raised dining area that [...]

Gunn’s Camp

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Gunn's Camp This legendary camp overlooks Chief’s island, deep in the heart of the Delta. The camp borders on the Moremi Game Reserve which allows for a great deal of game viewing. The camp has been built under a shelter of leafy palms and Okavango ebony which gives the camp a very natural ambiance [...]