African Wild Dog Safaris

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All the info on African Wild Dogs and where to find them The African Wild Dog is an endangered canine that dwells primarily in sub saharan plains and savannah areas. Wild Dogs are also known as painted dogs (hence their Latin name lyacon pictus) owing to their striking and irregular blotched coat of fur. [...]

Bird Watching Safaris

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Discover the Best of African Birdlife Botswana has some of the finest bird life to be viewed in Africa, and our specialized Bird Watching Safaris offer ornithologists a comforting and captivating bird watching experience. Our safaris include birdwatching with one of our notable experts from mokoro, motorized boats, and even walking tours. The [...]

Wild Dog Safaris

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Experience the African Wild Dog The African Wild Dog remains one of the more elusive species to be found anywhere on planet earth. Also known as the Painted hunting dog, the Wild Dog is an endangered species with an estimated population of 5000 remaining in the wild. Our Wild Dog safaris [...]

Family Safaris

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Family Orientated and Child Friendly Safaris There sadly exists a misconceived preconception that children should not be taken on safari. This couldn’t be further from the truth. An African Safari is as wondrous for a child as it is for an adult, and there is no better way to spend a vacation than [...]

Luxury Safaris

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Unbelievable Luxury Safari Experiences While Botswana lodges are considered to be the most comfortable in Africa, our luxury safaris are particularly accommodating. They’re just our thing. And let’s face it, when you book with a stylish company, you’re going to get an elegant safari. It’s just how it works. 5 Star lodges. Check. [...]

Adventure Safaris

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The Ultimate in Thrill Seeking Adventure Safaris While every Safari is an adventure in itself, we have a special line of adventure safaris that take your trip to the next level. These adventure safaris include horseback riding through the salt pans, kayaking through the Okavango, and hot air ballooning and helicoptering over the [...]

Unchartered Safaris

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The true heart of the African Wild There are Safari folk looking for comforts, there are safari folk looking for photos, and then there are those who are looking to go where few if anyone has ever been before. We are able to provide for these intrepid travelers by sending them to lodges [...]

Romantic Safaris

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The Most Romantic Safaris in Botswana Not sure if you got the memo, but Botswana is where romance was born and our seriously seductive romantic safaris are the real deal. The Okavango has something in the air, and sharing a delta sunset with the subject of your affection has been scientifically proven to be [...]

Photographic Safaris

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Perfect pictures from the African Wild Hunting is banned in Botswana. That’s right. It’s illegal. While hunters may not be happy about the situation, wildlife in the country is thriving and Botswana is quickly becoming known for being one of the foremost photographic destinations in the world. While a simple snapshot from an [...]