Kayaking the Okavango Delta Adventure

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Overview For those with an adventurous persuasion, there is perhaps no better way to experience the Okavango Delta, than by rowing across the entirety of this geographic marvel in a kayak. From end to end. While 2 or 3-day kayaking options are available, we suggest the 10 Day option that covers over 300km from [...]

Rhinos and the Okavango

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Overview The Okavango Delta is a devastatingly beautiful place, and it is filled with animals. While there is a small population of rhino in the area, they are notoriously hard to spot. And so in order to give visitors wishing to see both the Okavango Delta and a rhino, we have put together [...]

The Full Family Safari

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There sadly exists a misconceived preconception that children should not be taken on safari. This couldn’t be further from the truth. An African Safari is as wondrous for a child as it is for an adult, and there is no better way to spend a vacation than to spend it with your kids marveling [...]

Okavango Honeymoon

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It’s not debatable. There is no better place to spend a honeymoon than in the Okavango Delta. A delicate mixture of luxury and privacy beneath vibrant sunsets and starry night skies. Indescribable beauty. This destination will make any honeymoon the perfect start to a long and [passionate marriage. Starting in Maun, this fully customizable [...]

Discover Botswana

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Overview This dynamic tour of Botswana takes in the breathtaking beauty of the Okavango Delta as well as Kwando, the Kalahari, and Chobe. It’s a dynamic tour and is the perfect option for visitors interested in experiencing the best that Botswana has to offer. Perfect for large or family groups, romantic couples, or even [...]