Botswana – The Sweetest Spot in Africa

Botswana defies measurements and parameters. Often described as the Switzerland of Africa, Botswana continually reaches the top of the performance index for all African Nations. Least corrupt country in Africa, and most dedicated to wildlife preservation, Botswana has set aside 25% of its land for parks and wildlife areas. What this means is that nature reserves in the country make up collective area larger than England. But areas outside of nature reserves is also protected heavily.

Hunting was banned in 2014, and Botswana is winning the war against poaching. Elephant numbers are on the increase. Dramatically. Botswana is now home to roughly 130,000 elephants—a third of Africa’s entire elephant population. Elephants it seems, know they are safe here.

The country has a stable government and compelling history. Never really colonized, Botswana was declared a protectorate under British rule. Governed from Mafikeng in South Africa, direct British presence in the country was nominal at best. The colonial superpower saw the country as one of the poorest in Africa, and they were happy to free themselves of rule in 1966. That just happened to be the year the largest deposits of precious diamonds in the world was discovered in Jwaneng. Too late for the British to renege on their independence deal, Botswana started, and continues, to flourish. Botswana 1: Colonialism 0.

People in Botswana are happy. The wildlife in Botswana is abundant and well cared for. There is not a better place in Africa, nor the world, to experience a direct connection with nature.

The African Wild is proud to call Botswana home. We know this place and we love it. From the dramatic Kalahari Desert to the radiant Okavango Delta – we want to share the secrets of our wondrous homeland with you. Join us and Discover the African Wild.

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