Perfect pictures from the African Wild

Hunting is banned in Botswana. That’s right. It’s illegal. While hunters may not be happy about the situation, wildlife in the country is thriving and Botswana is quickly becoming known for being one of the foremost photographic destinations in the world. While a simple snapshot from an iPhone on one of our game drives can produce stunning results, we carefully craft and cater Photographic Safaris for both amateur and professional photographers looking for the perfect shot.

Specialized Game vehicles are used on our photographic safaris, and expert guides work tirelessly to ensure that photographers are able to capture unforgettable shots. However, a true photographer often needs to capture birdlife on the water or get close on the ground, and that is where our specialized mokoro and walking tours for photographers come in handy.

If you’re keen on taking some incredible photographs of the African Wild, let us know you’re interested. We’ll then work with you to put together the ultimate photographic safari that includes specialized lodges in areas best fitting the game you most want to shoot. We then take care of everything, and all you need to worry about it getting yourself and your camera equipment to the airport.

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