Cape Town Accommodation

Cape Town is a large and diverse city with a lot going on and finding the right Cape Town accommodation is never an easy task. The city compliments well with a safari, and ultimately, guests who visit Cape Town are looking for safe, comfortable, and well-located hotels that are close to landmarks and sightseeing points. There are thousands of options to choose from, and all are very different. From the high-end options in the Waterfront through to boutique bed and breakfasts in Hartfield Village, there is a lot going on.

There are loads of things to consider beyond budget. You’ll want to think about location, safety, is the hotel family friendly, are there any really great restaurants close by? How do you get there, what activities are available, are you able to see more sights in certain areas than others? Is South Africa a safe destination, and what should you look out for in terms of finding safe accommodation?

But it’s not only Cape Town, you also need to think strategically about getting to Stellenbosch, Franschoek, and the Winelands. There is a lot to see out there, (and drink), and it’s a great idea to spend at least a couple of nights in the Winelands to get to know this extraordinary part of South Africa.

We know the area well and are able to set you up with the best accommodation within your budget, and one that suits you and your groups style. Contact Us and we’ll discuss all of the options.


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