Okavango Delta Lodges

The Okavango Delta has a wide array of the world’s leading lodges, and these Okavango lodges are phenomenal.

We carefully select the very best of all of these lodges in order to offer our guests the best available accommodation in terms of luxury, hospitality, and safety. Every Okavango Lodge is different, and each one appeals to a different type of person with a different type of safari plan. So it’s really important to work out which is the best lodge for you and your group.

Important things to consider when choosing an Okavango Lodge are such things as location within the Okavango, what type of activities are available, and whether the lodge is family/photographic/wildlife friendly. Again, it all depends on the group, depends on what you want to experience, and depends on the budget.

There are lodges that are more family orientated, others that are more orientated for romantic couples, others that are more wildlife focused, and within this group there are lodges that are are focused on certain types of wildlife such as Wild Dogs and Elephants.

Another very important component to consider is the time of year, as different lodges have different water levels at different times of the year, and this can change the available activities on offer such as mokoro rides and game drives.

We also recommended visiting more than one lodge in the Okavango on any one trip, as this gives visitors are more complete

We’re able to mix and match lodges depending on your own specific interests, desired destinations, and needs – and help you customize your own tour. We know all the lodges, and our aim is to help you find the best lodge options for your specific safari needs and aspirations.

We are a member of HATAB, and all of our lodges are certified and vetted. Take a look through our selection and contact us for prices and options.

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