Sillouhette of a helicopter over the Okavango Delta

Ultimate Adventure Safaris

While every Safari is an adventure in itself, we have a special line of adventure safaris that take your trip to the next level. These adventure safaris include horseback riding through the salt pans, kayaking through the Okavango, and hot air ballooning and helicoptering over the Kalahari, amongst others. We can and often do organize fully customizable adventure tours across the country.

All of our adventure safaris are run by highly qualified professionals at the top of their game, and their job is to ensure you have a thrilling, unforgettable, and safe journey to Africa.

How it works is that you let us know what you’re interested in, and then we get back to you with a tentative itinerary. Then you pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable adventure.

  • Advenutre Safari Types: Kayak, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon, Big Five

Where and when to travel

Probably the best place for an adventure safari is in the Okavango Delta where kayaking adventures are a must. Both Chobe and the the Makgadikgadi Pans are great alternatives. Where horseback riding and motorbike safaris are available. And then there is the Kalahari and with its Kalahari lions also present some very interesting adventures.

Best time of the year for an adventure safari? Well that depends on the type of person you are and what you are after. Low season, running from December to March is a good time for a an adventure as it’s quieter and gives you the freedom to choose. It’s also cheaper which allows for long trips. April to June is a great time in the Okavango as the flood waters bring a rush of life into the arterial network of the delta.

Best Lodges for an Adventure Safari

Create a custom made safari that suits your style

What can you expect from us?

• The best possible prices
• The best information from real safari experts
• 24/7 attentive support
• We are local and have direct on-the-ground presence
• If you need us, we are here to assist