Bird spotting with kids in the Okavango

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Botswana has some of the finest bird life to be viewed in Africa, and our specialized Bird Watching Safaris offer ornithologists a comforting and captivating bird watching experience. Our safaris include bird watching with one of our notable experts from mokoro, motorized boats, and even walking tours.

How it does it work? Well, you let us know your specific interests and the kinds of birdlife that most fascinates you, and then we get back to you with a tentative itinerary. Then all you need to do is pack your camera and prepare for an unforgettable Bird watching safari adventure.

Where and when to travel

The Okavango offers a number of incredible natural sights, and some of the more incredible species in the area include the Pel’s fishing owl, the Coppery-tailed coucal, the Swamp boubou, and the black coucal, amongst numerous and other notable additions. Observing these species on the calm and tranquil waterways of the Okavango Delta is an unforgettable experience for birding enthusiasts, and the fact that the region remains largely unpopulated, means that the majority of birdlife in the area is relatively unfazed by the human presence, and this allows us to get much closer to the birds for better pictures and viewing opportunities.

But the Okavango is not the only notable birdwatching destination in the country. The Chobe area has healthy population of African fish eagles and wattled cranes, and the Kalahari Desert and the great Makgadigadi pans offer unrivaled viewing opportunities for Martial eagles and Lilac breasted rollers.

The best season for bird viewing is the wet season running November to April, especially in the Delta when water channels are flowing.

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