Romantic safari scape at Qorokwe lodge in the Okavango Delta

Romantic Safaris in Botswana

Not sure if you got the memo, but Botswana is where romance was born and our seriously seductive romantic safaris are the real deal. The Okavango has something in the air, and sharing a delta sunset with the subject of your affection has been scientifically proven to be as effective an aphrodisiac as eating 15 oysters. Ask any doctor. Our romantic safaris are custom crafted for optimal love and are perfect for honeymooners, rekindling old flames, and for literally impressing the pants off of any crush you may have.

How it works

Let us know you’re interested and we suggest a variety of different Okavango lodges that have been optimized for romance. You decide which lodges suit your specific romantic desires. We often suggest selecting two different lodges in order to mix it up and see different areas. We then make it all happen. All you need to do is pack your bags and surprise your lover with the news that they’re about to be wowed and wooed like they never have been before. From there we give you all the romantic tools needed to slam dunk some love.

Our romantic safaris start and end in Maun (but we can and often do arrange international flights). From there you’ll be transferred by private plane to the lodges of your choosing. The honeymoon suites at the lodges are more private, giving you and your partner the chance to, how shall we say, celebrate your love in private. And with the exception of the occasional elephant that ambles past your private deck, you will only be disturbed when you call for more champagne. We’ll ensure that there’s always plenty of champagne on hand. The real stuff.

Honeymoon in Botswana like no other

Candlelit dinners under the stars are a must, and we’ll make certain that your private chef undertakes to only prepare the highest quality meals of utmost culinary elegance. We’re talking delicious hand crafted romance-inducing food here. No beans or garlic. The last thing you want on a romantic safari is bad breath or having to awkwardly blame the passing of gas on local wildlife.

On the topic of wildlife, there’ll be plenty of crazy creatures to admire. You’ll have a private guide for game drives and you can get cosy on Botswana’s iconic mokoro trips. We’ll obviously send you a list of local phrases beforehand for you to practice in private; and seeing the impressed look on your lovers face when you greet your private guide in flawless Setswana will be priceless.

The guides really know their stuff too, and you’ll be shown the best animals Botswana has on offer.

Just imagine it: The sun is about to set. The subject of your affection spots a majestic lion slowly sauntering by only meters away. He/she grabs your hand. You look into each other’s eyes. A moment of electricity. You can both almost hear the Elton John backing track. It’s about feelings. It’s at this moment that you both realize that the love is real. It’s also during the same moment that you understand that booking your romantic safari with the African Wild was one of the best decisions you ever made.

Boom. You’re welcome.

Where and when to travel

Undoubtedly the best place to spend a romantic safari is in the Okavango Delta. Simply put, it checks all the boxes. Secluded, awe-inspiring, romantic to the max, luxurious, exclusive, it has it all.  Some lodges in the Okavango are more suited to romantic getaways, and we’ve listed a few of our preferences below.

The best time of the year to travel depends on the person. Low season runs from, December through to the end of March. It’s cheaper during this period owing to seasonal rains. It’s also called the green season as the delta foliage comes to life during this period. Game viewing is slightly harder owing to the increased foliage, but even in low season there is a wealth of game to be seen. Mid-season runs from April through to the end of July and includes November. This is a spectacular season in the Delta as temperatures drop and the flood waters enter the Delta. Hugh season runs from August through to the end of September. It’s dry during this time which means more game viewing.

Best Lodges for a Romantic Safari

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