Take a photo of a Pangolin and help to save the species

The pangolin has a pretty rough deal. It has become commonly accepted that this extraordinary mammal is the most trafficked and most poached creature on earth. Prized for their meat in China and Vietnam, pangolin scales are also used in traditional Asian medicine. Over a million pangolin have been trafficked over the past decade and if trends continue we can expect the complete extinction of this delightful creature within the next 10 years.

The time has come to help protect the most poached animal on earth.

If you take a photograph of a Pangolin in the wild on any tour booked with us in Botswana, we donate $200 to the African Pangolin Working Group (APWG). It’s time to do something, and we feel that the best way to support conservation initiatives such as the APWG is through meaningful donations as well as providing referential information on pangolin sightings to help them protect the species.

The APWG spearheads a number of conservation and protection efforts for all four African pangolin species.

On any tour booked with us, should a pangolin be spotted and recorded, the animal’s location will be relayed directly to the African Pangolin Working Group. This information will enable the APWG to gain insights into the current distribution of the species and its behaviors and help them to better protect the animal from poaching.

We pledge to donate $200 to the APWG for each animal photographed. These proceeds will be used by the group to fund a rehabilitation and law enforcement efforts designed to protect the species.

Join us on safari and help to protect the incredible Pangolin.