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Photographic Safaris

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Perfect pictures from the African Wild Hunting is banned in Botswana. That’s right. It’s illegal. While hunters may not be happy about the situation, wildlife in the country is thriving and Botswana is quickly becoming known for being one of the foremost photographic destinations in the world. While a simple snapshot from an [...]

Rhinos and the Okavango

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Overview The Okavango Delta is a devastatingly beautiful place, and it is filled with animals. While there is a small population of rhino in the area, they are notoriously hard to spot. And so in order to give visitors wishing to see both the Okavango Delta and a rhino, we have put together [...]

Discover Botswana

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Overview This dynamic tour of Botswana takes in the breathtaking beauty of the Okavango Delta as well as Kwando, the Kalahari, and Chobe. It’s a dynamic tour and is the perfect option for visitors interested in experiencing the best that Botswana has to offer. Perfect for large or family groups, romantic couples, or even [...]