Wild Dogs in the Okavango

Dognapping Reported at Splash Camp

At Splash camp an extraordinary Wild Dog occurrence took place in June. A pack of Wild Dogs appears to have dognapped pups from a smaller pack and incorporated the pups into their pack. The camp is following the situation closely and takes dog-napping very seriously. Wildlife experts have been called to assess the situation.

Sankuyo Village elders

Sankuyo, the Keepers of Paradise

For over a hundred years, the Sankuyo community has lived along a serene stretch of riverbank on the eastern edge of the Okavango Delta. Guardians of the land, the people of Sankuyo are keepers of paradise. A paradise that welcomes guests from all over the world. Sankuyo Village The history of Sankuyo Sankuyo is a…

Lilac Breasted roller perched on branch

Botswana’s best bird safaris and when to go

Almost 600 species of birds can be found across Botswana. The perfect time to enjoy a Birdwatching Safari in this iconic destination? Right now. Botswana’s best birdwatching season We’re heading into Botswana’s most beautiful bird safaris season. Water levels have risen in the Okavango Delta, colourful migrants are swooping in for summer and then there…

Woman does yoga in front of an elephant

The Fundamentals of Safari Yoga

The underlying essence of a Yoga Safari, or so we believe, is to marry yoga practice and the fundamentals of a safari into the same experience. The constructs of breath and beauty of presence lend themselves to both yoga and to the safari experience. Bringing the two together, and practicing yoga in the midst of…