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A wellness vacation is not simply a spa experience. It is an opportunity to come back into wholeness, healing and a deep appreciation of life through mindfulness and deep process work in the natural world.  Being in the wild with guides who are attuned to the earth’s wisdom allows you to come home to your true nature. This is a remarkable opportunity to change the world one person at a time. When you recognise at a deep level that you are not separate from one another or the earth, you have the potential to create transformation both in your personal life and in the collective consciousness of humanity.

  • Duration: Eight days (or shorter if you prefer to design your own wellness programme with us)
  • Approximate Cost: $6,000
  • Destinations: Okavango Delta

The Healing Wellness Safari Experience

Mokoro Okavango

We all need to take time out of our whirlwind lives to regenerate and rejuvenate ourselves. Sometimes we need to simply rest and to be inspired to come back into harmony and health through reconnecting to Mother Nature’s wisdom. Sometimes we wish to take this deeper and include playful communications with our inner soul wisdom. The Soul Integration Intensives are a set of four session immersions of three hours working one on one with a facilitator. They ignite deep inner healing. You are carefully guided by your own soul wisdom to access the matrix of who you believe yourself to be. The work is facilitated through a combination of Jungian active imagination, somatic clearing of subconscious issues and an attunement to the soul’s knowing which understands exactly what each one of us needs to do to become whole once again.

Soul Integration is a deeply meditative process, like psychological surgery with your own soul self as the most precise surgeon. Your soul self knows exactly which issues you are ready to clear and which masks still serve you well on your life journey.

These powerfully transformative healing processes are amplified through mindfulness practices, loving kindness and an appreciation of mother nature’s beneficence.

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Master Coaches

Robyn Sheldon

Robyn Sheldon has thirty plus years intensive meditation practice and an art degree. She is a soul integration therapist, a registered midwife, and a certified dance of life facilitator. All of her questing emerged from a longing to understand the sacred mystery of life. She writes about this mystery in her books The Mama Bamba Way, a book about the sacred nature of birth, in The Liminal Lands, an autobiographical account of her own soul journey, and in her novel that is about to be released titled “Elsie October” about an unwilling woman’s shamanic journey in the Cederberg mountains in South Africa.

Robyn lives in the Okavango and guides clients through the Soul Integration process whilst the pristine beauty of the landscape and the wildness of the area supports client’s to release their constricted and fear-driven beliefs. She is the MD of Okavango Healing whose purpose is to raise the consciousness of the collective, one individual at a time. She believes that in order to heal the world we need to first heal ourselves.

Robyn offers different pathways for soul exploration. The Soul Integration Intensives are the most in-depth and transformative offerings. Guided by the Soul Self they reveal the unhealed patterns that distort our blueprints.

Yet despite the serious nature of this transformation process she recognizes that play is one of the highest expressions of spirituality. Her play includes all the illustrations in this website but it also includes facilitating sessions, guiding retreats and negotiating the muddle of everyday life. Even when life is grim, dreary, hopeless and hard to trudge through, it is nevertheless precious because we are always, always held close by our Soul Self if we only turn towards it.

She invites anyone who has a yearning to weave the physical and soulful worlds into a life fully lived on earth to join her in this exploration.

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Per Person All Included


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Rebirth Wellness Safari Itinerary

We encourage you to add a day or two on either side of the Soul Integration Intensive to initially land and slow down and then afterwards to integrate your experience. You may design your own programme, however our suggested itinerary is as follows:

Wildebeest in the Kalahari
Arrive between noon and mid afternoon. Transfer to your lodge. Settle in, eat a leisurely supper around the fire, take in the magnificent expansiveness of the Botswana night skies.
San walk through the Kalhari Desert
A day for unwinding into the slow ancient rhythm of mother nature. Rising early we begin with a meditation for breathing deeply and relaxing. Follow this with a meditative game walk with a tracker who allows you to slow down enough to start noticing the little things. Breakfast is followed by a chat with your facilitator about your programme. Time out to journal, sleep, rest and enjoy the sounds of the African Wild. Experience a reiki session in the afternoon to prepare your body for the Soul Integration Intensive beginning on Day three. Leisurely mokoro trip late afternoon followed by a fireside chat and supper.
San hunting in the Kalahari

Each of these days comprises an early morning meditation, an intensive three hour session one on one with your chosen facilitator, plus a reiki session of one and a half hours to assist with the integration of the work you have completed. There is also time to rest, to contemplate and to commune with the pristine and healthy environment of the Okavango.

During each three hour daily one on one intensive session you are supported to imprint your own inner knowing while releasing that which no longer serves you.

The sessions: Soul Integration sessions simplify complex, topsy turvy, very hectic Twenty First Century lives by putting them back into perspective and guiding you back to that which is real and meaningful to you individually.

We all have a blueprint that forms how we imagine ourselves to be in the world and how we see the world reflecting itself back to us. This matrix is not who we truly are, which is beyond definition, but it is created out of:

  • our soul purpose
  • good and bad karma
  • experiences that we’ve had, both uplifting and traumatic
  • genetic inheritance
  • past life inheritance

The purpose of the sessions is to enter into the world of this matrix and allow our Soul Selves to guide us towards what no longer serves us there; these patterns or cycles that we unconsciously create can impact negatively on our lives and relationships.
Connecting to the matrix is not simply a matter of accessing it through hypnosis or regression. The process requires tapping into the highest level of consciousness we are able to access through the guidance of our Soul Selves given whatever is happening in our lives at that time. We usually identify this through the experience of feelings of joy, equanimity, loving kindness and compassion; we dwell in an inspiring space when we are connected to the well being these feelings activate.
In sessions we employ a process of active imagination, (or following a train of internal imagery after an initial guided relaxation), to achieve as high a vibration as possible and to resonate with the qualities of well being. The Soul Self shows itself through the imagination and takes symbolic form. It knows exactly what we need to address to become more centered and to assist us to let go of the negative cycles and patterns that we have been so firmly attached to through our lives. The Soul Self guides the session, and the facilitator is there to hold the space and to keep it safe enough for clients to trust what is happening.
The emotional body operates outside of time, so a negative cycle that is repressed sits in the cells of our bodies creating havoc in our lives until we uncover and release it. When we unlock aspects of our blueprint that hinder our soul evolution and release them, we feel freer, lighter and more centered. We can make life decisions from a place of greater serenity and joy.

During these days together you can look at any part of your lives where you might wish to gain more clarity, insight or healing:

  • Relationships; our primary relationships are with our mother and father because from the moment of conception we absorbed – osmotically, genetically and ancestrally – our parents ideas of how they see the world. These beliefs are usually deeply submerged in our unconscious. They are the stuff out of which we create the relationships that we have in the world; partners, children etcetera, who often reflect back to us the unhealed aspects of those primary relationships in order to heal them.
  • Soul purpose and insight into the choices we are making
  • Specific themes cycling thorough our lives, eg lack of money or lack of trust or insomnia.
  • As sessions progress towards working at a deeper level of our psyches we look at our individual relationships with our inner male, inner female, inner grandparents, good mother, bad mother etc.
  • The elements. Through working with our unique relationship with the elements and what each archetype represents symbolically and emotionally, we can bring balance back into our lives.

A set of three or four Soul Integration sessions can assist you to begin to heal trauma, release stress and align us with your soul self and your own internal truth.

Game drive on Nxai Pan

Instead of rushing back into more Okavango adventuring or busy lives back home, we encourage you to take an extra day simply to journal your experiences and give them time to land fully in your body. This last day is one of going on a game drive, relaxing, breathing deeply and if you choose it to have a final reiki session.

What can you expect from us?

• The best possible prices
• The best information from real safari experts
• 24/7 attentive support
• We are local and have direct on-the-ground presence
• If you need us, we are here to assist


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