Experience the African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog remains one of the more elusive species to be found anywhere on planet earth. Also known as the Painted hunting dog, the Wild Dog is an endangered species with an estimated population of 5000 remaining in the wild.

Our Wild Dog safaris are not only designed to introduce wildlife enthusiasts to this spectacular animal, they are also specially crafted to protect this vulnerable species and ensure its future survival.

See Wild Dogs on Safari

Our expert guides in the Okavango Delta track and protect various packs of dogs, and visitors are invited to join the trackers and view the marvel of the dogs in the wild. If lucky enough, visitors may even witness a Wild Dog hunt. They are probably Africa’s most effective predators, boasting an 80% success rate with hunts; far higher than the 30% rate of lions. Our guides are very protective over the packs and while we try and get visitors as close as possible to the Wild dogs, we need to ensure some distance is kept in order to safeguard the dogs from getting to accustomed to human activity. When they start hunting livestock in areas outside of the Delta is when they are at most threat from farmers and hunters. We want to ensure that this does not happen, and we respect their space while marveling at the majesty of a pack in the wild.

If the African Wild Dog is a species that interests you, let us know. We’ll put together the perfect travel itinerary that includes viewing opportunities of the dogs in the wild.

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