4 Reasons to Add a Botswana Vacation to Your Bucket List

//4 Reasons to Add a Botswana Vacation to Your Bucket List

Botswana occupies a special place in Africa. A hidden gem forgotten by the world and left to develop in its own time. Much like Wakanda, this peaceful nation drew upon its vast reserves of precious stones and a treasure trove of natural landscapes and wildlife to consolidate itself as a thriving democracy Africa.

Every bucket list should include a Botswana vacation. It’s beautiful, dynamic, energetic, and life-changing. The country has one of the smallest human populations in Africa, and the highest elephant population on the planet. It’s a wildlife wonderland known for being the ultimate safari experience, and Botswana offers wildlife and luxury all in one.

If you are looking to get out of the rush of daily life, Botswana’s vast untouched landscape offers just that. Love taking part in activities that are on the wilder side? There are so many different experiences for anyone with a bit of wanderlust and don’t doubt that Botswana can quench your thirst for adventure either.

If you need any further reasons to add Botswana to your bucket list, they would likely include:  

The Ultimate Safari Experience

Botswana’s wildlife is some of the most plentiful in the whole of Africa, and there is literally no other place on the planet where you can experience untouched wildlife like you can in Africa. This is probably due to the presence of some phenomenal landscapes and the fact that over a quarter of the country has been demarked as a protected area or wildlife reserve.

Wildlife also flourishes in the country as a result of a complete hunting ban instigated by the government over five years ago. That’s right, hunting is completely banned. If for example, an outspoken hunter such as Donald Trump Jr were to visit Botswana, he would not be permitted to shoot anything. What this ban on hunting has accomplished, is the revival in numbers of many different animals such as elephant as well as lion. Tourism is now geared towards appreciating these animals, and because hunting is no longer allowed, animals are more trusting and allow humans to get much closer. This completely changes the safari experience – and it makes Botswana the best country to view wildlife pretty much anywhere on the planet.

The Okavango Delta

The rainy season in the Angolan highlands brings a great rush of water down the Okavango River which crosses through Namibia and into Botswana towards the Kalahari Desert. In the northeast of the country, the rover divides and spreads to form the largest inland delta on the planet. Animals flood into this area for the abundance of water that spares them from the dry Desert surroundings. Species of all different kinds can be found here, from dung beetles to African wild dogs. In the Delta, there’s a good chance that birds will greet you in song in the morning, and the roar of lions will compliment your sunset.

Besides enjoying the wildlife and spectacular views, the Okavango Delta offers adventures you won’t get elsewhere including wildlife viewing from a traditional canoe called a mokoro. This wooden canoe is the best way to travel the Okavango. During a mokoro adventure, an experienced guide uses a pole to steer you downstream. This experience allows you to sit back and enjoy Botswana wildlife up close and personal. Remember to bring a hat and some sunscreen for when you paddle through, as the African heat can get quite intense.

The Okavango Delta is also home to some of the most luxurious lodges that provide the finest creature comforts on the continent.

Chobe National ParkChobe Princess - front deck

Chobe National Park is Botswana’s first national park – established in 1968. The park lies to the south of the Chobe River. It is famous for hosting a thriving population of elephants, reaching numbers past 70 000. These magnificent creatures enjoy their large numbers thanks to the life-enriching waters and lush vegetation. But they aren’t the only ones. Chobe accommodates buffalos, lions, pods of hippos, and many others. It is also the place to be for bird watching enthusiasts. From the air to the water, Chobe also offers various fishing sites. Make sure you stick to designated fishing areas to avoid becoming the crocodile bait!

Beautiful Luxury Lodges

Experience African accommodation best through a lodge. Botswana is known for its premium lodging experiences. You can wine and dine in the lap of luxury – ideal for relaxation or romance. The Kwando River boasts lodges like Lagoon, which is famous for wild dog sightings. You can enjoy the views over the Kwando River while you rinse off the day in the outdoor shower. Or, sip on sundowners during a spectacular river cruise adventure.

If staying beside the river isn’t what you had in mind, being surrounded by large African trees offers a different kind of lodge experience. A lush offering is what you can expect with Rra Dinare lodge. It is tented accommodation in the ultimate style. This unique space features bridges connecting every part of the lodge, allowing you to walk through the trees. These walkways make Rra Dinare a tranquil hideout in the middle of one of the most pristine concessions.

There are many exquisite lodge experiences on offer in Botswana; you’ll want to visit them all. However, with the vast grasslands and rivers spanning the country, getting from one lodge to another is often quite a journey. In most cases, you’d have to fly between lodges. Luckily, for a limited time only, you can get free charter flights between selected lodges. For more information about this incredible deal, or more on all things Botswana, visit The African Wild.

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