Botswana’s Hidden Lodging Gems

//Botswana’s Hidden Lodging Gems

Botswana is home to a wide assortment of luxury accommodation and lodging. It is well known for premium style safaris and a holistic upmarket experience. Tourists from all over the world frequently visit the popular lodges on the Okavango Delta or near Chobe National Park to experience a Botswana safari. These experiences include many of the different aspects that Botswana has in store, such as an abundance of wildlife and spectacular views.

However, very few have seen everything Botswana has to offer. For a unique Botswana experience, far less known to travellers and tourists, is the area of Kwando, alongside the Kwando River. This remote area is virtually untouched by human interference, aside from the few high-end lodges hidden away in select, secret areas. The pristine wilderness is an undiscovered gem of Botswana. Featured below are a few places you can choose to vacation in for the ultimate escape:


This Botswana lodge is an elevated experience in more ways than one. In the literal sense, the lodge comprises of luxury tents on raised platforms. The comfortable style combines canvas and hardwood flooring, which allows a cool summers breeze, yet shields a harsh wind. This lodge is frequented by the rich and famous as a tranquil retreat. The camp is an excellent place for family vacations, as the amenities include a swimming pool and magnificent fireplace – perfect for telling stories, roasting marshmallows and stargazing. 

Of course, the accommodation isn’t the only premium factor of your stay. The activities available include private game drives with experienced guides and trackers. This includes night and daytime game drives because there’s no experience like a safari after dusk. You have a good chance of seeing the Big 5, plus many other types of wildlife. Lebala’s secluded atmosphere lets you enjoy an intimate vacation full of personalised touches.


Kwara is the perfect camp for new comers to the Delta. It is secluded, ammased with prime wildlife, and offers some old-world safari luxuries that many other lodges in the Okavango have missed. The camp sits on the banks of a secluded lagoon in the middle of the Kwara concession, a resplendent area of land to the north of the Moremi reserve that is roughly the size of Luxembourg.

The area around the camp is abundant with wildlife and Big Five sighting are common place. Furthermore, it is one of the few camps in the Delta where white rhino viewings occur. The birdlife in the area is also phenomenal, making the camp a great option for ornithologists.

Rra Dinare 

This captivating lodge is located in one of the most pristine concessions. If you were looking to see buffalo, you’ve come to the right place. The aptly named “Rra Dinare” means ‘father buffalo’ – stemming from the herds that make their bold and memorable presence known in the camp. During the construction of Rra Dinare,  buffalo would even sleep under the bridges and structures. This stylish camp is one of the best places to sit back, relax and enjoy the nature all around you. Being close to the Okavango Delta has its advantages too. You’ll get the unique opportunity to experience the water in a whole new way – in a Mokoro. This is a quaint, traditional wooden canoe that glides effortlessly along the water with a little help from a guide who uses a pole to navigate. The craftsmanship of the Mokoro is undoubtedly worth being in awe over, but pay close attention to the sights and sounds you’ll come across during your intimate wildlife experience on this adventure.

Tau Pan & Nxai Pan

A completely different experience from the traditional Botswana safari is nestled within the lodges of Tau Pan and Nxai Pan. Instead of the flooded plains that make up the space around the Okavango, these lodges feature the dry and arid areas characteristic of the Kalahari Desert. One of the most sought-after experiences at these lodges is a walk with the San Bushmen. Their unparalleled tracking skills and knowledge of the bush makes for an interesting and insightful experience. These desert camps are an eco-friendly option, taking the preservation of the remote area into consideration.

Tau Pan is located inside the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and offers views from the ridge of an ancient sand dune. 

Due to its desert location, you’ll see some magnificent desert wildlife like the Oryx, brown hyena and herds of wildebeest. Nxai Pan is 100% solar powered. It is located in the middle of the highly anticipated zebra migration – the second largest animal migration in southern Africa.

If you are looking for a Botswana safari experience like no other, these lodges offer that and much more. Unlike places well known to most tourists, they provide an exclusive look at Botswana you’ll never forget. For more on these exquisite accommodations and others, contact The African Wild to plan your next trip.

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