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Matusadona National Park

Located to the south of the mighty Lake Kariba, Matusadaona National Park was opened in the 1950s after the Lake area was flooded as a consequence of the Kariba dam being built during that year. As the area flooded, a great deal of wildlife was drawn to the area over time. Matusadona is a large park and covers a protected area measuring over 1400 km2, and includes a highly diversified biodiversity. The mountain landscape was relatively inaccessible to visitors before the Lake was flooded, and the waters opened up access to a number of prime safari locations along the shore.

There are some prime grazing lands that jut out to the north of the park along the Lake shore that attract herds of elephant and buffalo. Baffalo in particular thrive in the park, and herds of over 1000 strong often graze along the northern extremities of the park. A number of smaller herbivores frequent the area and their presence attracts a number of predators such as lion and leopard. There are a few black rhinos in the park as well.

The Birdlife at Matusadona is stunning and over 240 different species have been recorded. Bird sightings in the park include a number of raptors, but birding enthusiasts are often drawn to the carmine bee eater colonies that nest in the banks of the rivers flowing into the Lake.

There are a number of safari options in the park ranging from game drives, walking safaris, and boating excursions. A number of lodges are located in the area, as are a number of houseboats on Lake Kariba.

Malaria is prevalent in the area and visitors are advised to take precautionary measures when visiting the area.


Best time of year to visit Matusadona

The best time of the year to visit Matusadona is during the drier months (April to October) as there are less mosquitos and a greater opportunity to view game.

Best time of year to visit Matusadona

The best way to get to Matusadona is by charter flight from either Victoria Falls or Harare. There are roads into the park from both Victoria Falls and Harare, but the going is bumpy, and the roads are unnavigable, even in a 4×4, during the rainy season.

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