View from Gorges Lodge

Gorges Lodge

Gorges Lodge actually consists of 2 sperate lodges called Gorges and Little Gorges. This is a stunning lodge option located only 30 minutes from Victoria Falls and is located on the very edge of the Batoka Gorge. The Batoka Gorge is a gorge made by the steep banks along the Zambezi that are formed directly after the Victoria Falls. You can still see the mist from the falls from this fantastic lodge option.

Because the lodge is located on the very edge of this gorge, it offers some of the most stunning views to be seen anywhere in the region. The views are epic. They are monumental. They are awe-inspiring. They are not for the faint hearted. The views over the Zambezi that flows through the bottom of the gorge a hundred meters below is just stunning.

The rooms are comfortable and well decked out. Each have their own private viewing deck. The rooms are tastefully decorated, and each feels like a home away from home, just one with a spectacular view.

Activities offered by the lodge include guided tours of the falls, curio shopping in a craft village, cultural immersion tours, school visits, bird watching, gorge walks, and sundowner cruises on the Zambezi.

Both lodges are located relatively close together and are similar in offering. However, Little Gorges is smaller and offers more pristine views over the Dibu Dibu Gorge to the left. Both options are highly recommended and an unforgettable way to experience Victoria Falls. It’s a not a great family option as parents may worry about kids running around close to cliff edges but is an excellent option for romantic couples and anyone looking to explore the Falls in a more eye-opening way.

The Lodge combines well with a number of lodges in Botswana such as Kwara Camp and Splash Camp.


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